Prepare Children for School, Birth - Grade 2

The Prepare Children for School implementation group focuses on the beginning of the educational continuum, from birth to age eight. Its objectives are to identify data and develop or use existing performance indicators to assess progress in children's preparation to begin school. More specifically, the group is studying:

  1. School readiness in all developmental domains (physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional, creative).
  2. Birth – age 8 includes a broad range of developmental stages, each equally important, as a child grows in knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to be a successful student.
  3. Coordination of the delivery system for services for young children and families. Lack of coordination of these services is a problem within Central Indiana and across the nation. Different funding streams, variations in regulations of out-of-home childcare, and reliance on self-reported data from parents make it difficult to identify measurable outcomes and collect data.

Prepare Children for School Annotated Bibliography
Research that the Prepare Children for School Working Group has accomplished has led us to these articles. Useful in our research and understanding, we think you'll find them useful too.

Prepare Children for School Working Group Members

Name Organization Affiliated With
Marlo Allen Flanner House of Indianapolis
Victoria J. Anderson IUPUI Center for Young Children
Peggy Apple (Co-Chair) School of Education/Ivy Tech
Mindy Bennett Child Care Answers
Michael Bowling Englewood Christian Church
Brian Culp School of Physical Education
Laura Danielson IUPUI – Polis Center
Ken Durgans IUPUI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Kathryn Fletcher Ball State University
Heather Girton United Way of Central Indiana
Lisa Henley Indiana Child Care & Resource & Referral
Linda Hogan Indianapolis Public School
Linda Houser School of Education
Laura Hubbard Kingsley Terrace Child Development Center
Jann Johnson Franklin College
Kathy Johnson IUPUI – Dept. of Psychology
Eric Lange Goodwill Industries
Ted Maple (Co-Chair) United Way of Central Indiana
Greg Porter Indiana State Representative
Myron Richardson Flanner House Indianapolis
Dawn Underwood CAPE – Franklin College